Meme Weaver

Northern Spark 2018 - Night Art Festival - Minneapolis, MN - June 15 + 16  9:02pm to 2am

Looom on lawn banner hi res.jpg

Part mechanized tool and part arcade game, Meme Weaver is an interactive machine that weaves poems. Meme Weaver is a complex instrument with large-scale elements of a traditional loom – beams, rollers, yarns, shuttle, beater – with people operating individual treadles. Blinking lights and buzzers create an arcade game feel by lending a bit of dance dance revolution ambiance to the loom.

Meme Weaver is a collaboration art project between husband and wife team David Heisserer and Danielle Everine of Mixed Media Engineering.  Together they make artworks and products that comment on industry, apparel, utility and whimsy.

Meme Weaver is presented by Danielle Everine & David Heisserer of Mixed Media Engineering in partnership with Northern Spark 2018, produced by Northern For two nights from 9 pm to 2 am on June 15 and 16, Northern Spark 2018 is a free, late-night art festival exploring questions of commonality in 3 venues in Downtown Minneapolis.