[Photo by Marshall Franklin Long]

[Photo by Marshall Franklin Long]

Danielle Everine

American-born fashion designer Danielle Everine lives and works in the hinterland of Minneapolis, MN.  From a formal art/design background, her work conveys large scale ideas rather than simply show manipulation of fabrics and form. Displays of female fortitude and strength dominate the underlying theme of her work. As inspiration, she draws from films, books, travel and adventures. Desiring to dress modern day heroines, She often references old-time muses that embody beauty and grace as well as independence and strength of character. Katherine Hepburn, Annie Oakley and Virginia Woolf come to mind.

Aesthetically, these values are depicted by blending delicate and utilitarian elements into a single look or line. "I love heavy wools, linens and waxed cottons fashioned into pretty silhouettes and sheers and silks tailored into menswear inspired looks." She often designs prints that accompany the theme of the collection – horses, harpoons, rosemaling, etc. and places the prints in chosen areas of the garment.

 "I am interested in a new definition of beauty. I think a lot of people have been bombarded with this glamorous look that has been valued as the epitome of fashion and a striving for perfection. To me, real people, real adventure and real activities are what is fun and beautiful. People should really be who they are and find something in that. My clothes encourage people to be independent, create their own look and have their own voice." 

Danielle has worked on many varied projects and shown her work in many different venues. Among the many are: 



  • Cliche Minneapolis – Crosswalk 2017
  • Galleria MN – 12 Dresses of Christmas 2016
  • City Wide Artists – Matryoshka in Japan 2016
  • Swedish Institute of Minnesota - Black Hearts Ball 2015
  • Minneapolis Club - Black Hearts Ball 2014 & Icons 2014
  • TPT - MNOriginal
  • Art Shanty Projects 2012
  • Designer on Project Runway [ Season 9
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts - Art In Bloom 
  • Denver Art Museum-Yves St. Laurent Retrospective
  • Walker Art Center - Community Support Art Program 
  • Minnesota Historical Society - Retro Rama '11, '12, '13
  • Historical Alexander Ramsey House - Bright Society
  • Voltage Fashion Amplified '10, '11
  • Pale Rider 2010